Somatic Experiencing in Somerset and online

“Gavin is a gifted somatic practitioner who holds the therapeutic space in a calm and supportive way. As a result of our sessions I finally feel at home within myself and safe in my own body....I'm coming back to myself, my life force has returned, and aspects of me continue to return in a magical way that is beyond the intellect. 

If you’re wondering whether Somatic Experiencing is for you, my answer would be a resounding ‘Yes.' I’ve released so much at a deep cellular level as well as reconnecting to myself in a way I never imagined possible. Working with Gavin has been life-changing.”



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Many of us are aware that we are carrying the impact of stress, anxiety, depression, unresolved anger, and more, in our bodies. A combination of the stress of dealing with our daily lives, coupled with the effects of unresolved traumatic events from our past, can leave us feeling overwhelmed or helpless at times.

Somatic Experiencing's gentle, body-orientated approach is an extremely effective method of working with these symptoms. Somatic Experiencing works by bringing more resource, clarity and general ease into our system to support us in meeting and releasing what is stuck or unresolved within us. Even after a few sessions, we can find we are more able to stay grounded through the challenges of daily life, and more able to cope during times of greater stress or crisis. We begin to develop a clearer sense of who we are and where our boundaries lie. This new-found resilience supports us in meeting situations that would once have pushed us into a state of anxiety, reactivity or overwhelm with greater calm and presence.


“I have come to the conclusion that human beings are born with an innate capacity to triumph over trauma. I believe...that the healing process can be a catalyst for profound awakening - a portal opening to genuine emotional and spiritual transformation."

- Peter Levine, author of Waking The Tiger 



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One of the principal differences between Somatic Experiencing and more traditional methods of 'talk therapy' is that there is less emphasis placed on the client telling their story or examining their past in order to gain an understanding of the issues they are working with.

Typically, you will be invited to sit comfortably opposite the practitioner, be given time to settle, and then asked if there are any themes or issues you’d like to work with today. As the session unfolds, you will be supported to consciously explore related physical tensions, sensations, thoughts and emotions as they arise, working at a pace that feels manageable to you. The role of the Somatic Experiencing Practitioner is to act as a compassionate support and guide through this process. They are there to help facilitate you as you learn how to gradually tolerate, release and integrate whatever may be arising for you.

Through this simple moment-to-moment process it becomes possible for whatever is stuck or unresolved in your body to be experienced more fully and to find a way to release naturally. Examples of this discharge can include tingling, warmth, and involuntary muscle movements such as twitching, gurgling in the stomach, or yawning. The result of this, often subtle, mobilisation can be immediate: the trapped survival energy at the root of your symptoms begins to be freed up, allowing a new sense of relaxation and well-being to arise spontaneously in your body and mind. As you learn to integrate this new material over time, the way is cleared for fresh meaning and purpose to emerge in life.


There is no set answer as far as frequency of sessions is concerned. Typically a client might begin by coming weekly, but it can vary from individual to individual according to their needs. I generally suggest that people initially agree to come for six sessions. After this time people usually have a sense of whether or not they want to continue. After this, you are free to terminate the sessions whenever you wish. It is usually a good idea, however, to have a final session in which we formally draw our work together to a close.

I offer short-term work - which can enable people to focus on a specific issue, or provide support during times of crisis and upheaval - as well as longer-term work, which can involve deeper transformation over many months or years.

Sessions can be either face-to-face or online.

I also offer a free initial consultation of approx. 30-45 mins