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What Clients Say...

“Gavin is a gifted practitioner who holds the therapeutic space in a calm and supportive way. As a result of our sessions I finally feel at home within myself and safe in my own body.

I have always felt a deep grief and sadness. Through our work together I realised I had abandoned my Self and was deeply missing my core essence. Thanks to our sessions, I'm coming back to myself. My life force has returned, and aspects of me continue to return in a magical way that is beyond the intellect. This is soul retrieval at its most profound, and has resulted in me feeling whole again.

If you’re wondering whether this is for you, my answer would be a resounding ‘Yes.' I’ve released so much at a deep cellular level as well as reconnecting to myself in a way I never imagined possible. Working with Gavin has been life-changing.”

"The problems I've worked on through Somatic Experiencing have been challenging for me at times but, with Gavin's continued patience and support, I am increasingly noticing changes in how I feel and the way I’m living life. Old patterns of behaviour I thought would never change are beginning to shift and my enthusiasm and joy for life are returning. I feel very lucky to have found this work."

"I can react more calmly to situations and not get as agitated. I'm able to deal with feelings of anger without always getting overwhelmed or defensive. Conflict doesn't feel life threatening any more. I can feel more love and connection in my relationships as a result.''

Testimonials: Testimonial

"I have worked with various therapists and healers on my journey and I can truly say that the work I did with Gavin shifted an old, deeply-held core belief. Having suffered all my life with social anxiety and a lack of self-worth, I now feel a much stronger sense of well-being and inner confidence."

"I love the body-centred approach of SE. It feels like being able to finally scratch an itch I couldn't get to before! Gavin brings a calm presence and attention to his work that made me feel immediately reassured and safe to explore the issues that had led me to Somatic Experiencing in the first place"

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