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GAVIN CONOCHIE - Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Internal Family Systems Practitioner

Somatic Experiencing & Internal Family Systems Therapist

I trained as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner with SOS Internationale and as an Internal Family Systems Practitioner with IFS UK. Ihave been exploring and working with both body and mind based therapies for over 30 years, and continue to undertake training in different modalities, including coaching and constellations work, and a supervision training with the London Centre for Psychodrama.

My intention is to provide a safe, supportive space to work in

an embodied way on life's important issues and questions.

Typical reasons people come to see me include relationship issues, anxiety, stress, depression, life transitions, and questions about meaning and purpose in life.

 I offer both short-term work - which can enable people to focus on a specific issue, or provide support during times of crisis and upheaval - as well as longer-term work, which can involve deep transformation over many months or years.

When working with someone, I aim to be present with them in a way that is accepting and non-judgemental.

I believe that when we are deeply listened and attended to, transformation will often follow.

About Me: Inner_about
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