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Being Successful

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

You don't need to be "succeeding" in order to be doing well at something. You just need to keep showing up, to keep engaging. That is enough.

Our idea of "success" often means we are focussed on an end goal. We have a picture in our heads of how things SHOULD look once we have succeeded. If we start to look at it more closely, we may notice that this picture is quite limited in its scope. When we are focussed on "succeeding," we easily start to narrow down our definition of what is valuable, or worthy of our time and attention. In moving our focus instead to showing up and staying engaged, independent of any outcome we may desire from a situation, we begin to expand what feels possible once again. We leave ourselves more space to improvise and evolve as life requires. By not placing ourselves under pressure to "succeed", we are giving ourselves permission to respond more fluidly, spontaneously and, ultimately, more skilfully

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