• Gavin Conochie

Making Friends with the Ground

We all have days when we feel as though we can't hold ourselves up anymore. We fear collapse – that buckling in our system, that folding down towards the ground.

But in embodiment terms the ground is our friend.

There is a natural movement in our body towards the one thing it knows will reliably support us – the earth under our feet. So often in Western culture the emphasis is on the upward movement – rising to the top, climbing the ladder of success, becoming a star, ascending. We're taught that God lives up in the sky somewhere. We have forgotten our love affair with the ground, the earth beneath our feet that supports and nourishes us.

Conscious engagement with the energy of collapse may be exactly the movement our system is seeking – the movement towards embracing the ground again, allowing ourselves to be humbled. We talk about being ‘down in the dirt' like it's a bad thing.

The pay off for letting go of our pursuit of elevated status in the world is that we begin to discover our place in the larger cosmos again. There is great peace in knowing where we belong in the natural order of things. After all of our seeking, something in us starts to realise that we were home all along.

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