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Coming Home to Ourselves

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

When you first realise that you don’t have to run away from your own feelings or shut them down any more, it can feel a bit like discovering a super power.

Standing in the middle of the storm, with a chaos of emotions whirling through and around you, but still able to sense your own centre, still able to sense the soothing warmth of your own presence, not having to run away or abandon yourself.

This one simple thing can feel like a miracle. And, indeed, it can lead to miraculous things. In learning how to bear the unbearable, we also begin to strengthen our capacity for joy, for curiosity about life, for ease in our own skin.

As we begin to call home parts of ourselves that may have been absent for decades, the word goes out on the wind. The lost ones, those fragmented elements of our soul, our psyche, that once upon a time we didn’t have the capacity or the safety to hold close, hear the call and slowly, surely they come flying, wailing and singing their way back home.

There is no finer feeling than welcoming back the ones who has been in exile, the ones who has been lost. It is sweet indeed to feel ourselves becoming a little more whole again. A little more of what we came here to be. A little more of who we've always known, deep down, we could be.

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